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The Irish Institute of Rural Health was incorporated by Dr Jerry Cowley, Mulranny, County Mayo in December 1996 and aims to encourage good health and standards of practice in rural Ireland and to promote research.

Professor Andrew Murphy of University College Galway is a Director. It is envisaged that UCG and the Irish College of General Practitioners will continue to work closely with the Irish Institute.

It is well recognised that rural practitioners are different to their urban counterparts in that they must deliver a more comprehensive service in greater isolation from colleagues and without the same hospital back-up.

There must be adequate resources/ infrastructure to allow that to happen successfully. Too often rural practitioners are overworked with inadequate resources and long working hours. Research will more fully identify the problems that exist and help provide answers.

European Dimension

The Irish Institute of Rural Health is also part of an European network linked through EURIPA (European Rural & Isolated Practitioner's association) with the British Institute of Rural Health and other professional groups in other European countries.

The European Partners including the Irish Institute will work together to form a virtual information exchange chain and collect and disseminate information relating to rural health. A practical application of this partnership is through the successful application by the group for the BIOMED Programme to the EU Commission.

The present Chairman of EURIPA is Dr John Wynne -Jones, who is also the founder/ director of the British Institute of Rural Health.

WONCA Dublin 1998

Rural Health is very well developed in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and elsewhere. In 1998 the Annual Meeting of WONCA (The World Organisation of Family Doctors) was held in Dublin with the Irish College of General Practitioners' being host.

As part of the WONCA Conference Wednesday 17th June was designated 'Rural Day'. Professor Roger Strasser, Monash Rural Centre, Australia,Chairman of the Rural WONCA Steering Committee was the main organiser. Dr Jerry Cowley was anchorman for 'Rural Day'

WONCA Scottish Satellite

Dr. John McLeod of the Isle of North Uist organised a post conference rural satellite meeting at Fort William on Wednesday June 24th 1998.

WONCA Westport Satellite

As part of WONCA 1998 the Irish Institute of Rural Health and the Irish College of GP's hosted a 'Rural Satellite Conference ' in Westport, Co. Mayo, in association with WONCA and EURIPA, from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June 1998. A very interesting programme was organised with a practical 'hands-on' component as well.

'Safe-Home' Programme

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Rural Health  

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