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High Support Sheltered Housing Unit


High Support Unit

1998 was the realisation of a dream when the final part of the Mulranny St. Brendan's Village Development became a reality - the St Brendan's High Support Unit catering for up to 30 people.

When people can no longer live in our community or in our low support sheltered housing, even with the support of the electronic alarms and our caretaker nuns, they still have the opportunity to stay locally no matter how frail or disabled, thanks to our high support St. Brendan's Unit.

This Unit, for people with high support needs, has 15 double rooms, a day room, an oratory, a dining area and showers, baths and lavatories designed for use by disabled people. A full range of medical and care services is provided by visiting professionals who use a consulting room in the Scheme as their base. In addition to allowing people to live locally, the scheme has aided rural regeneration. It is now the biggest local employer.

Care of the Elderly

Communities are involved to different degrees in the services they provide. In Mulranny we provide a continuum of care, providing a greater degree of care as is needed, so preserving personal independence, dignity and personal autonomy as much as possible.

Our St. Brendan's Village Project is a working model for the care of older and disabled people in their own community, which is gaining international recognition as a model suitable for replication into the future. It has been presented as such in Clontarf Castle by the Irish Government at an EU Policy Maker's Conference, at an international Conference on the Care of Older People at Home in Wales, and in Denmark. It is the subject of many publications in several languages.


Yet unless initiatives such as Mulranny get some ongoing care support then they definitely won't be replicated, as they should be. There should be more of a balance between the millions of pounds pumped into keeping people in profit driven and non community nursing homes, and the total lack of ongoing care support for our initiative. We rely heavily on voluntary fundraising so that we can continue to provide our service of complete care in the community.

Rural Regeneration

Yet it is only right that we do this. It is only right also that every community think about doing this in their own area. It's very much a two-way process and a recipe for rural regeneration also.

The St. Brendan's Village Project has been a powerful tool for rural regeneration. Keeping people from having to leave and returning them to their own area has a massive humanitarian spin-off for those people who stay or are returned, but it has also helped us regenerate our village .

Our St. Brendan's Village Project is now the biggest local employer in our village. Thanks to those older folk who have returned, we now can provide welcome employment so that many of our young people needn't leave any more to find employment.

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